You Sing, I Write: Interviews with Martin Smith of Delirious? and Will Anderson of Sparky's Flaw

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Interviews with Martin Smith of Delirious? and Will Anderson of Sparky's Flaw

Both of these interviews have been transcribed in earlier posts, but I thought you might want to listen to them as well. I talked to Martin Smith back in January, just before he and some of his singer/songwriter friends got together to write some songs of which all the proceeds made will be donated to charity. Listen here as he explains his project, Compassionart. Visit the website to learn more about it!

My next interview is with Will Anderson, frontman of Virginia-based band Sparky's Flaw. (Think a mix of Maroon 5 and The Fray.) He and two of the other band members are in their last year of college, touring Thursdays - Sundays and recording their debut full-length album between winter and spring breaks. Listen to the interview here and check out their website to hear music and get info on upcoming shows.

Some more exciting news! I'll be going on tour this weekend with Army of Me and the "Get A Life" tour featuring The Used, Straylight Run and Street Drum Corps. I'm not sure if I'll really have any computer access . . . but I'll try to update my blog sometime next week to let you know how it went! Feel free to leave questions/things you want to know about in the comments!


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