You Sing, I Write: EP Review: David Kitchen's "Underground"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

EP Review: David Kitchen's "Underground"

Though it’s only five tracks, there is much depth to David Kitchen’s latest EP release, Underground. While Kitchen describes his EP as “post modern melodic guitar pop,” there is a bit of an acoustic, jazzy, roots rock combination throughout. On his upbeat title track, the D.C.-based singer-songwriter’s vocals are slightly reminiscent to that of Jakob Dylan’s. With Gin Blossoms-esque musical accompaniment down to the solid guitar interludes, “Underground” is one of those songs that is sure to be stuck in your head long after the track is over.

“Mean Old Mister Gravity” is the most unique sounding song on the EP. Seemingly taking the listener back in time, the song has that classic feel with saxophone and flute interludes. A bit jazzy, the piano features throughout the song are strong, but never overpowering the light flute and edgy saxophone sound. Kitchen’s voice blends well in this song, and the constant repetition of lyrics, “Mean old mister gravity/Don’t bring me down, down, down” and “I want that weightless feeling again” fit well into the song.

Underground segues nicely to soft ballad, “Find Our Way.” With a light drum beat and guitar strumming, the song draws the listener into Kitchen’s heartfelt lyrics. He opens the song singing, “If you came to me, I wouldn’t hide/Set aside my pride and stand beside you/It may never be the way it used to be/And it’ll take some time, but surely we will find our way.” “You Know That I Will” is the next ballad showcased on the album with a bit of an edgier sound and strong guitar interludes. With lyrics, “If I can make time stand still/You know that I will” you feel the longing in Kitchen’s vocals.

“Remembering” picks up the pace from the previous two ballads and ends Underground on a high note. Having been writing and performing for over three decades, Kitchen is showing no signs of slowing down and this EP only demonstrates his versatility. Whether he’s pouring out his emotions in “You Know That I Will” or shredding throughout rock-hard guitar interludes, each track peaks the listener’s attention.

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