You Sing, I Write: Q&A with Trevor Oswalt of Lost Tricks

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Q&A with Trevor Oswalt of Lost Tricks

Starting out with $2,000 and the hopes to buy a motorcycle on eBay, Trevor Oswalt’s original plan soon changed when someone else bought it seconds before his purchase. Instead, he bought an Mbox and the rest is history. Trev took some time out Friday for a phone interview with me explaining the history of Lost Tricks (which he explains as piano driven, indie-pop rock), the inspiration behind his music, and the new EP, Keep It Together. Stay tuned later this week for two tracks from the EP! And be sure to check them out on MySpace or their website.

For the full interview in MP3 format click here.

For more on Lost Tricks, check out their MySpace and website above. I'll be posting two tracks from their latest EP later this week too.

I'm curious to know if you all like listening to the live interview instead of reading the transcription, or both. If so, leave me a comment or an email at Thanks!

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