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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Artist to Watch: Taylor Swift

I never considered myself a die-hard country music fan, but this past week I've been continually listening to country artists on Pandora and it definitely helps the work day fly by. My latest favorite is Taylor Swift. She not only has cross-genre appeal (country, pop, rock — even punk bands are covering her songs) but she seems so incredibly down to earth (see her homemade touring videos on her MySpace page) not to mention she's just 19-years-old. Extremely talented, she writes her own music about her life (boyfriend's names included) as well as plays guitar. It also helps that her most recent album, Fearless has been No.1 on the Billboard charts for five weeks. She'll be performing on "SNL" this weekend so be sure to check her out! In the meantime, watch four of my favorite songs of Taylor's below!

"Love Story"

"Should've Said No"

"Our Song"

"Tim McGraw"

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