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Monday, October 5, 2009

Band of the Week: Sherwood

Sherwood is indie pop-rock at it's best. With their catchy music and arena-friendly choruses, it is no wonder that they've been selected to tour with Hanson and Hellogoodbye this fall.

While their last release, A Different Light received rave reviews and even garnered a top spot as a favorite independent release by music critics, their upcoming album is bound to do the same. Due in stores October 13, Que is Sherwood's third release and will be distributed via MySpace Records.

What's particularly enjoyable of Sherwood's music is that it's often unexpected. For example, a song like "Around You" starts out ballad-like before picking up mid-song. In fact, it's hard to place Sherwood into one genre. With a mix of pop, punk, and rock, songs like "Maybe This Time," have an anthemic feel with soaring guitar features and fitting percussion accompaniment.

While they're not entirely reinventing a genre, "Song In My Head" brings to mind early 90s pop-punk bands like The Ataris and Jimmy Eat World with their wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics and summer anthems. Additionally, Sherwood continue to leave room for the unanticipated. "Not Gonna Love" (see video below) features soft piano, taking a backseat to the percussion on the track with airy vocals.

For more on Sherwood, visit them on MySpace where you can listen to a full album premiere of Qu on October 12th. Meanwhile, watch a video of the making of "Not Gonna Love" below. Be sure to visit their MySpace every day until the album release as they're revealing a new webisode each day!

Qu Video Sneak Peek Video #1 - Not Gonna Love

Recommended: For fans of Jimmy Eat World, Mae, The Ataris, Yellowcard.

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