You Sing, I Write: Q&A with Ke$ha

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Q&A with Ke$ha

Photo Credit: Wendy Hu

Having attended several press conferences over the past year, there is always one artist that peaks the interest of those in the press room with their intriguing and shocking answers — this year it was pop singer Ke$ha. At least, this was the case when Ke$ha entered the room at last week's Jingle Ball concert and told us what she'd be getting for Christmas. You can't make this stuff up, kids.

The pop newbie will be hitting the road next summer for Lilith Fair, the all-female festival, joining forces with Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, Sheryl Crow and many more women rockers. Read on to find out more about Ke$ha’s fashion style, upcoming album and hit song, “Tik Tok.”

You just got asked to participate in Lilith Fair. How do you feel about that?
That is news to me as of yesterday and it’s really exciting to be in the category of strong women all touring together. I’m really, really excited about it.

How aware were you of Lilith Fair the first time around?
Not. I think I was a baby.

What was “Tik Tok” written about?
“Tik Tok” was written about . . . one morning I woke up surrounded by a bunch of babes. It was like Babe Fest ’09 in my room ’cause all my friends crashed. And then I woke up feeling like Diddy. And so, I wanted to document the night before.

Who is your style icon?
I am inspired to dress like African safari animals and/or Keith Richards.

What are you asking for the holidays?
I’m asking my mom for . . . she found my placenta and she’s crushing it up and making it into a necklace because I think it makes you psychic.

How was it performing tonight at Jingle Ball?
Tonight was mental! There were so many people and I was so nervous and I never thought that I would get the pleasure of playing Madison Square Garden at 22. I feel so lucky, but it was really scary!

Tell us about your album.
My album is coming out in January. It’s called Animal and it’s definitely a super positive, fun record, but it’s not just all party songs. I think people are going to be really surprised at the depth of the record and also the different styles I experiment with.

Is it true you snuck into Prince’s house and got kicked out?
True. I did sneak into Prince’s house. True, I got kicked out.

What surprised you about his house?
Nothing surprised me about his house. I got his address and snuck under the fence and inevitably got in, walked in on him having band practice, left my CD for him and then got out.

Should young girls look to you as a role model?
I think there are certain things young girls can look to me as a role model for. I’m not saying everything. But, I do think it’s an important thing that I’m promoting. Happiness and the amount of money you have or make has absolutely no correlation ’cause the happiest times in my entire life have been when I haven’t had two dollars.

Do you have a favorite fashion designer?
I dig through the garbage.

$1 from every Jingle Ball ticket sold is being donated to Food Bank For New York City. How does it feel to be part of this charity?
I’m excited to finally have some sort of goal to help somebody else. That’s amazing and I’m going to definitely continue to do so with people and animals in the future.

How did you come to work with Dr. Luke?
Dr. Luke called me actually, one day out of the blue and flew me out to New York and then L.A. We just got along. At this point, he’s like my brother so it’s amazing.

What are you looking forward to for Christmas?
Honestly, I’m not looking for anything this year, except my placenta in a necklace, but I’m excited about being able to give presents this year that are going to be badass.


Emily said...

That photo is frightening. Great job, Wendy!


Haha. It showcases her persona perfectly!


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