You Sing, I Write: Amie Miriello Tells All at Intimate NYC Show

Friday, June 6, 2008

Amie Miriello Tells All at Intimate NYC Show

Singer-songwriter Amie Miriello is an intriguing storyteller. She seemingly effortlessly peaks curiosity leading up to each song with her onstage banter with the audience.

Before playing “Beauty of Goodbye” to a packed crowd at Pianos Tuesday night, she explained the song as being about “that beautiful moment when you realize you’re over someone and the second you stop thinking about him, he’ll start thinking of you. It’s tragic but it’s true.” Another song, “Grey” she told the crowd is about her fear of becoming an old lady singing at night clubs. With her debut album, I Came Around being released later this year, I don’t foresee that happening for Amie.

The night included a 40-minute, 9-song set, many of which will be released on her upcoming album as well as a solid cover of the Smashing Pumpkins' "Disarmed." While her voice seems somewhat familiar, possibly best described as being reminiscent of a mix between Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge and Alanis Morissette, Amie definitely has her own style. Whether it’s more of an up-tempo number with intricate guitar picking or a slower ballad-like feature, each song sounded entirely different from the previous. For most of the night both Amie and friend Jay Dmuchowski played acoustic guitars with Amie taking a break mid-show to sing guitarless.

Amie's voice was powerful and soulful, almost folk-like at times when she sang with vibrato throughout certain parts of each song. Possibly the strongest song of the night was title track of her album, "I Came Around." Definitely a catchy number, the chorus is one of those that stick in your head long after it's over. "Brand New" was a bit of an edgier song with opening lyrics and guitar playing that definitely draw the listener into the rest of the song. She sings, "You look like the kind of a person who could have a conversation without making a sound/You look like the kind of a person instigating bad behavior when we're hanging around/You look like the kind of a person who would take me to a party on the wrong side of town/You look like the kind of a person that's down."

Ballads "Snow," a song about being on the road and touring, and "Cold Front" slowed the night down for a bit, but not too long as Amie's quirky stories about her brothers and band dynamic with best friend of 10 years Jay, lightened the mood. "Snow" in particular is a softer song for Amie, emphasizing her strong singing ability and a voice that sounds much older and more sophisticated.

With her debut album out later this year and having been the opener for Teddy Geiger, Gavin DeGraw and Nick Lachey on previous tours, I'm certain that Amie won’t be the opening act for too much longer.

Get to know Amie as she talks about her new album and watch some of her performances.

For more on Amie and to listen to her music, check her out on MySpace or her Website.

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