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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So Long, Virgin Megastore

It's official. Virgin Megastore in Times Square will be closing it's doors in April. Tomorrow marks the beginning of their "biggest sale in music retail history."

According to an article on, Simon Wright, CEO, Virgin Entertainment Group said, "This sale will give our loyal shoppers one last chance to browse the world's largest music store. We'll be offering discount prices on items that might be difficult to find in the days to come, and we hope our customers have a lot of fun shopping this final sale."

Located in the hub of Times Square since 1996, Virgin Megastore is an American icon and tourist hot spot. I can't even count the number of times I've been there. Whether it was catching a glimpse of a musician on my lunch break or trips to New York in high school for album signings and instore performances, Virgin Megastore is a place I'll definitely miss.

The official Virgin Megastore Web site describes the Times Square location as:

"not only one of the Big Apple's biggest attractions, it's also the largest entertainment store in the world! Here you'll find the largest music, games, video and DVD inventory in the world ... plus 600 listening posts, 100 video viewing stations, live music, a one-and-a-half story music video screen and more. Often host to impromptu appearances from artists appearing on MTV's Total Request Live (filmed directly across the street), the Megastore has enjoyed hosting the first-ever instore appearances of Michael Jackson and Nine Inch Nails in the last year, plus many other cool events with acts like Eminem, 'NSync and more."

If you're in the Times Square area, stop by before another major music location becomes a part of history. I'll be going myself tomorrow.

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