You Sing, I Write: Presenting the Brent Shuttleworth House Concert Tour

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Presenting the Brent Shuttleworth House Concert Tour

I caught two of Brent Shuttleworth's performances last year and raved about his live show in one of my reviews. Imagine then, my excitement to find out about his *Best Version of Yourself* House Concert Tour 2009. Where, at your request he will show up to your door and serenade you, your friends and family.

Shuttleworth's Facebook page states: "For the next 30 days, in preparation for his national summer tour, he will be taking his vitamins, waking up early, reading, writing, painting, booking, recording, exercising and performing the better part of every single day. He will be respecting the overall health and well-being of himself and his music."

Wait . . . it gets better.

"Let it be known that now, on 10 May 2009 the BEST VERSION of YOURSELF TOUR (BVYT) has officially begun and Brent Shuttleworth WANTS to recruit YOU. Have you ever caught yourself wondering what it would be like to have Brent Shuttleworth playing for you, your friends, family and everyone you have EVER known? WHEREVER you are and WHEREVER you may be, Brent wants to play for you!

If you are interested in organizing a show this summer for your:


Then, Brent will come to you!"

A personal concert? I'm so in, what do you think? Give him a listen, and if you like what you hear be sure to contact for booking.

Watch Brent's video for "When I Reach California" below.

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