You Sing, I Write: Introducing Tiffany Thompson

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Introducing Tiffany Thompson

Though it's only four songs, Tiffany Thompson offers much to music lovers on her self-titled release. Each track has an airy, yet jazzy feel while her lyrics tug on listeners' heartstrings. Extremely introspective, Thompson sings of loneliness, love and life.

Thompson explains it best on her Web site: "In my songs, I seek to engage life on a very personal level and sing stories about longing after lost love, comforting hurting friends, and being there when it matters most. Call it, my other self-education. My songs articulate the everyday struggles of loneliness, loss and love, but all the while looking with a hopeful eye toward the future."

I couldn't agree more.

"Till That Day Comes" is a beautiful ballad that showcases Thompson's emotive vocals. Reminiscent to that of Colbie Caillat and Priscilla Ahn, her voice is comforting as she tells a tale of a hopeless romantic. "So I close my eyes and pray one more time/That the day would come when I'd find someone/Who will hold me close oh and love me more than I've known before."

Of the song, Thomspon writes, "No matter how content I am with being single; there are still moments—however rare—when I long to be in a relationship. And, I’d love for that man to be sitting in the chair next to me. However, as I wrote this song and entered into the emotions of longing, dreaming, and a bit of loneliness, I kept remembering the truths that root and guide me."

She continued. "I am a dearly loved daughter and friend. I do not long for just anyone to fill the chair next to me or hold the light near my front door. I may be single, but I am not alone. I am a child of God—a follower of Christ—, and I trust in the plans He has for me. It is these truths I tried to reflect in the songs bridge and chorus: Its not about being alone; I can make it through life on my own. But I know that I would be a wife who loves for life."

"Please" is more of an upbeat track that begs a former love to let her go. A conflicted song, Thompson sings in the midst of horn features, "Please let me go/Please come and hold me/Please can I go."

To learn more about Tiffany Thompson, visit her Web site and watch her music video for "Please" below. She's currently featured on Reverb Nation where you can download her song for free. Click here to register and download her single, "Till That Day Comes" on the current contenders tab.

Recommended: For fans of Colbie Caillat, Priscilla Ahn, Meiko.


Tiffany said...

Thanks for the wonderful review. I really respect your musical opinion and am honored you enjoyed my EP. I hope to keep producing some new songs in the coming year. And I will be sure to keep you posted!
--Tiffany Thompson


No problem Tiffany! Look forward to hearing more from you :-)


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