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Monday, March 1, 2010

Band of the Week: The Young Things

Those that think rock & roll is dead obviously haven't heard of The Young Things. With music that transports the listener back to the 1960s, it's easy to envision the Brooklyn-based band opening for the likes of The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Having just released EP, the Killer, the 15 minute, six track album is not nearly enough to satisfy. After just one listen, The Young Things leave music lovers wanting more.

"Uptown" starts off the EP with gritty guitar and percussion instrumentals before the vocals enter. "Callin' my girl/We're gonna meet uptown/I gotta hurry/She doesn't wait around," The Young Things sing with spot-on precision. A solid and energetic start to the Killer, "Uptown" and second track, the tongue in cheek "Case of the Mundanes," bear familiarity to that of The Beatles' and their 1965 hit single, "Ticket To Ride."

Guitar heavy "6 1/2 Stone" portrays a darker sound for the band with fitting percussion. The track slows down midway to the fadeout and is fueled by plenty of guitar fuzz and seductive singing. The EP is rounded out by quirky "All My Friends Are Junkies," fast paced "The Well" and "Boy You're Lookin' Pale." Complete with slapstick lyrics, "All My Friends Are Junkies," offers humor to the listener while "Boy You're Lookin' Pale" provides seemingly important life lessons (to some, perhaps): "The world may not look half as bad/Through an empty whiskey glass."

A glimpse of what is to come from the band, the Killer takes it back to the 60s where The Beatles and The Beach Boys ruled the music scene. While The Beatles influence can be easily heard throughout much of the rhythm and musical accompaniment within the six-tracks, the vocal harmonies of The Beach Boys are also ever present. All in all, The Young Things satisfy those pining for classic rock & roll. While no group can ever replace The Beatles' influence, it is refreshing to hear a band that embraces such classics and bring their own flavor to the table.

Having just played the famed Viper Room in California, The Young Things will perform at New York's Rockwood next month. For more information, visit them on MySpace.

Recommended: For fans of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Gaslight Anthem.

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