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Monday, April 27, 2009

Artist of the Week: Will Dailey

Reminiscent to Gavin DeGraw with that slightly raspy yet longing voice, Will Dailey is perhaps most known for single, "Rise" having performed it on hit television show, "CSI: New York." In fact, you may have heard of Dailey's music before without realizing it as many of his songs have been featured on various television dramas.

There is something so classic about Dailey's voice. Rooted in rock with hints of that acoustic singer-songwriter vibe, his music has a timeless quality to it. While "Peace of Mind" talks about troubled times, rock centric track "Never Be Your Baby" confronts a failing relationship. Stand out number, "Love On the Way" has that old 60s feel with a hint of jazz and soul making the listener wonder if this is in fact the same singer.

"Allston" has more of a folk and at times, country feel to it demonstrating Dailey's versatility and ability to successfully switch things up. A darker song, he sings "In a dull smile and parted heart/Time won't fix what yesterday starts." The slow, eerie guitar accompaniment suits the song perfectly.

What makes Dailey stand out from the numerous up-and-coming bands today is the fact that he'll be releasing EPs all year in three-month periods. Every three months he'll give fans the latest material he's been working on. Unlike a typical album, the process will allow fans to receive music with such immediacy that is unheard of in today's recording industry. The final product, Torrent is expected to be released June 9th. With featured cameos from members of Letters to Cleo, The Cars, Dropkick Murphys and the Byrds, each EP is surely something to look forward to.

Be sure to watch Dailey perform on CBS’s "The Early Show" June 11th. For more on Will, visit his Web site and give his songs a listen on MySpace. I think you'll like what you hear. You can watch the video below of Will performing "Rise."

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