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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Artist of the Week: Shara Strand

With her sultry and soulful vocals, singer-songwriter Shara Strand is well on her way. Making her debut on Broadway at 12, Strand began vocal training and honing her sound at an early age. Additionally, having garnered an opening slot for Pat Benatar as well as a performance at Apollo theater in New York City, her childhood dream is now becoming a reality.

A mix of pop and soul, Strand's music is radio friendly. In fact, soon to be released track, "Can and Cannot Do" is sure to be a hit. Catchy with a soulful and jazzy vibe, Strand sings: "
I don't feel sorry for you baby/But no one is ever perfect/I mean, sometimes I'm wrong/Sometimes I'm right/But you won't admit it any day or night."

Well on her way to being played in clubs and radio stations everywhere, Strand has that Christina Aguilera classic feel while remaining to make each song her own. While some songs are reminiscent to the pop bands of the late 90s (think Max Martin hits), other tracks have an ageless quality.

"Handcuffs" is a straight up pop track.
"He's got all the things a man would want/All you ever dreamed/He can have anyone he wants/Anything out of a magazine/And you would think with all that stuff, it still wouldn't be enough/'Cuz he would give it all up just to be in handcuffs," Strand sings with fitting musical accompaniment.

Other songs are more angst-ridden. On "I Need A Moment," Strand sings, "I need a moment to understand/Why you gave up this love we had/Even though I missed you so bad/Can we be sure this time it will last."
Currently label shopping and playing shows throughout New York and New Jersey, Strand's demo's are only a hint of what's to come from this young songstress.

Visit Shara's Web site here. If you like what you heard, be sure to catch a show when she's in town. Shara will be playing in Hoboken this Saturday at Saints and Sinners.

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Jack said...

stunning! Love her. Can't wait to hear what's next.


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