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Sunday, August 30, 2009

You Sing, I Write Featured On Jemsite!

I'm extremely honored to report that an interview with me was featured on Jemsite ( Jemsite is an informational site that encourages and helps others learn about everything from guitar playing to Ibanez guitars to specific JEM & Universe models, including setup.

Here's the intro to the article:

Annie Reuter is making her music dreams come true!

And she's not even a performer.

What she is, though, is an excellent writer and she's used that talent to start an entertaining and fun music blog based on her passion for the craft.

As a friend of Annie's from college, I watched her transform her love for writing and her love for music into the popular blog she has today. I remember when she wrote hundreds of e-mails to friends asking for help with coming up with a name. Hundreds of interviews, music critiques, concert reviews, band members, guitar players, and musicians later--You Sing, I Write is one of the most recognizable blogs on the online music blog scene today.

I had the opportunity to talk to Annie about the creation and inception of the blog and her wonderful adventures and wonderful work.

I'm truly humbled for the feature. Thanks so much Jemsite and Ava for the great write-up! If you're interested to learn about the start of You Sing, I Write, my experiences on tour and plans for the future, read the full Q&A here.


Diana said...

Congrats, Annie! So proud of you :)


Thanks love :-)


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