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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Band of the Week: Status Green

I first stumbled upon Status Green a few months ago when they performed for MTV's Battle of the Bands contest where five bands competed to open up for the Rock Band Live Tour. During their introduction to the crowd, their sound was said to be inspired by music from the 1960s. However, when listening closely it's hard to put Status Green into one specific genre as their sound varies from that arena enticing rock feel of fellow Jersey natives Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi to a bit of a swing era vibe.

Status Green successfully blends catchy pop melodies with more of a rock sound featuring impeccable guitar interludes throughout many of their songs. "Juggling Knives" is a perfect example. At points it recalls the fun vibe of Fountains of Wayne's "Stacy's Mom" but rocks much harder. It's one of those songs you can easily imagine fans dancing along to at their shows as frontman Lou Montesano sings, "And now your nights have turned into your misty mornings/Yeah you got some money and I guess you're doing alright/Don't ignore all your instincts for once and say no/No big deal, it's your only life."

What's great about Status Green is each song sounds completely different from the previous. While "Juggling Knives" can be easily heard on mainstream radio, "Firebomb" has that classic swing vibe to it. Another danceable track, the band sure knows how to switch up their sound successfully without ever going over the top.

"Heaven I Think" is ballad-like at first with softer vocals, showcasing Status Green's more serious side. The track's pace picks up soon enough, once again demonstrating their versatility. I know Jersey boys when I see them and you can't deny their home state pride with none other than their song, aptly titled "Holland Tunnel."

Definitely one of the best sounds I've heard all year, it's not a complete surprise that they won a tri state listener poll on station 95.5 WPLJ to open for Bon Jovi. I'm pretty sure you'll hear a lot more from Status Green in the near future. But until then, do yourself a favor and check them out on MySpace and catch a show when they're in the area. They have a few New York and New Jersey gigs coming up so visit their MySpace for more info.

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