You Sing, I Write: Fall Out Boy Lead Washington Square Park in Sing-Along

Monday, December 15, 2008

Fall Out Boy Lead Washington Square Park in Sing-Along

For those who cut class or took a break studying for final exams to see Fall Out Boy perform at Washington Square Park in New York today, many were disappointed. Gracing fans with their presence for oh, just about 10 minutes, the band conducted a sing-along to fan favorite, "Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy."

Bassist Pete Wentz told the crowd, "We want to apologize to you guys. We're not allowed to play right now any music at all. But we figured that Patrick could sing something right here and we can all sing along instead."

According to a MTV News report, since the band didn't obtain a permit to perform in the park, if they so much as picked up an instrument they would be put in jail. Not the most exciting place to be on the day before your album release. While some fans in the crowd were confused about the situation, most clapped along and sang the song word for word as members of Fall Out Boy played air guitar.

After the nearly two-minute rendition, fans screamed for one more song as Wentz told the crowd, "If we're doing anything else we're getting arrested right now." Not a complete loss, the band walked around shaking hands and giving out copies of their upcoming release, Folie à Deux as Wentz showed fans pictures of his newborn from his phone, saying, "How handsome is he?"

Watch below for Fall Out Boy's performance in Washington Square Park, courtesy of MTV and to learn more of the details behind the impromptu concert, read MTV rock editor James Montgomery's take on it here.

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