You Sing, I Write: Your Favorite Holiday Songs

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Your Favorite Holiday Songs

I received an overwhelming response from everyone on their favorite holiday tunes from my post last week, so I decided to include some today. Hope you all have a great holiday and you're spending the season with your loved ones and eating lots of tasty holiday treats. I can't wait to eat all the cookies I've been making as well as my Mom's amazing fudge! Still have a few Christmas gifts to wrap myself so I'll definitely be listening to some of your music suggestions while I'm doing that! :-)

The classic Charlie Brown Christmas song, "Christmas Time Is Here."

Vintage Bruce Springsteen. Watch as the Boss and his band play "Santa Clause Is Coming to Town" live from a 1978 performance at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ.

N'Sync's beautiful a cappella version of "Oh Holy Night."

Definitely not your "traditional" holiday song by any means, but a fun one at that. Check out No Doubt's quirky punk take on "Oi To The World."

Quite possibly the most beautiful rendition of "Silent Night" I've ever heard. Watch below for Enya's performance of it in Gaelic.

Lastly, try not to give yourself too much of a headache while watching this video of a house Christmas light display as The Waitressess' "Christmas Wrapping" plays in the background.

Did I leave out any of your favorites? Let me know! Merry Christmas :-)


Pauline said...

Hey, you added Enya and the Waitresses! I must have some good music taste! :) As always, a great a post, Annie!

Annie said...

Of course! I always appreciate and enjoy the suggestions :)

Shelley said...

Good picks. I totally forgot about the Charlie Brown Christmas song!!!


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