You Sing, I Write: Album Review: Matt White’s “It’s the Good Crazy”

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Album Review: Matt White’s “It’s the Good Crazy”

With 11 tracks of infectious falsetto and defined soul, Matt White impresses on sophomore release, It’s the Good Crazy. From the very first track, “And the Beat Goes On” White manages to capture the listener's undivided attention with his powerful singing, piano playing and whistling. The versatility between each song on the LP electrifies as it's nearly impossible to predict what will come next.

Catchy songs like first single, "Falling In Love (With My Best Friend)" are instantly likable and easy to picture heard on Top 40 radio while the sexy "She's On Fire" offers surprising diversity with a seductive beat matched well with White's deep vocals.

The slower "Taking On Water" follows "She's On Fire" and embodies lyrics that are bound to make every girl's heart swoon. "It's your eyes that keep me hanging around/Make me drive all night to get to your house," he sings over light percussion and acoustic guitar accompaniment. 

While White demonstrates his ability to be more serious on a number of ballads throughout his LP, it's on more playful tracks like the 70s influenced "Teacher Teacher" that showcase his talent best. Alternating between slower singing and belting the chorus, his transformation is impeccable. "Off My Wall" follows suit with higher vocals and slow groove building that is sure to bring even the shyest wallflower to the dance floor. 

Overall, a remarkably solid release, White makes a name for himself on It's the Good Crazy. In an industry of predictability, White remains to stand out from the crowd.

For more on Matt White, be sure to visit MySpace and to learn about the stories behind his songs, read a recent interview with him on The Huffington Post. Watch him perform latest single, "Falling In Love" below.

Matt White performs "Falling in Love" at Joe's Tavern, Sept 2010 from Julia Allison on Vimeo.

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