You Sing, I Write: You Sing I Write Wins Music Award!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Sing I Write Wins Music Award!

I received an email last week informing me that You Sing I Write won a Web Excellency Award from Theater Seat Store!

When checking out the site for myself, they write:

"Sometimes it seems that everyone has an opinion about music. This award goes to those blogs who's opinions matter."

The site went on to explain their process of choosing the blogs that stand out for music coverage.

"The team has once again composed a list of the best blogs in music, this time focussing on the heavily-stamped ground of music reviews. We provide the unique sites below in one simple location for your review and enjoyment, while at the same time using the opportunity to award each for their fine writing skills and services to the sprawling world of music and, of course, the dear reader.

The amount of music review blogs out there is staggering to say the least – from professional publications to personal journals, we focussed not on the size of the operation (or indeed the subsequent output) when choosing our award winners but on the sheer quality of content on offer. This will be manifestly apparent to anyone who takes the time to read them."

Thanks for all your support over the years! Mark your calendars for a special 3-year anniversary blog bash November 12th in Brooklyn. More details to come! To check out the other blog winners, visit Theater Seat Store.


Anonymous said...

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Hilary Simpson
escort UK

Alisha said...

Congrats, Annie! Now I get to say I'm friends with an award-winning music journalist :) Excited for the concert this November

Suze20TO said...

Congratulations...I especially love the "quality of content" comment.

Scott said...

Hey Annie... not to rain on your parade, but I got the same award and I'm pretty sure that site is just picking random blogs to give awards to, in the hopes that you'll mention them on your site.

It's a sneaky way for them to get free publicity. Maybe I'm wrong but the award just reeks of phony-ness. I know the award can't be for the quality of the content because I hardly post on my blog anymore.

No disrespect intended to you, because your blog is quite impressive and looks like it actually deserves some awards. Fantastic interviews - I wish I could get some of those bands! :)


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