You Sing, I Write: Mariah Carey's "The Ballads" Hits Stores Next Tuesday

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mariah Carey's "The Ballads" Hits Stores Next Tuesday

Back in fifth grade Mariah Carey was my idol — long before she was having emotional meltdowns on "TRL" or marrying Nick Cannon (still having a hard time grasping that one, anyone else?). I remember bringing my portable tape player (yes, remember lugging those things around with big headphones and an assortment of cassette tapes in your backpack) to and from school on the bus. I always attempted to sing all those high notes — rather unsuccessfully — "Fantasy" and "Daydream" being my favorites back then in case you were wondering.

While I haven't been following her career as avidly as my friend Deana, she still remains one of my favorite female vocalists. You can imagine my thrill then to find out that next Tuesday she will be releasing Mariah Carey: The Ballads, a collection of, well you guessed it — her most famous ballads. The album features 18 of Carey's chart-topping hits, including nine No. 1 fan favorites like, "Hero," "Vision Of Love," "One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey & Boys II Men)" and "Dreamlover."

I think I'll pick up a copy for myself. Getting up and walking across the room to change the cassette tape over is exhausting!

Be sure to check Mariah's Web site for more info and music!

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