You Sing, I Write: New Video Tuesday: Featuring Dawn Landes, Kelly Clarkson, Michael Nappi

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Video Tuesday: Featuring Dawn Landes, Kelly Clarkson, Michael Nappi

My inbox has been flooded lately with press releases and messages from bands about new releases, music videos and upcoming concerts. Since it's often difficult to blog about each artist individually, I decided to showcase new music videos every week that I think you'll enjoy. If I'm missing any must see videos, definitely let me know!

Dawn Landes' latest music video for "Young Girl" is a seductive track with catchy electric guitar and percussion accompaniment that's bound to get every listener stomping his foot. It perhaps is no surprise then, that the latest video off her album, Sweet Heart Rodeo, features cowboy boots, hats and appears to take place at a rodeo bar. Go figure.

Every time I turn on the radio I hear Kelly Clarkson's "All I Ever Wanted." More gritty than her previous singles, the track showcases an edgier sound for Clarkson. While comparisons abound to Pink and even early Spice Girls, Clarkson's signature singing style remains. Although it's an unofficial video, fans can go behind the scenes with Clarkson performing onstage and in the studio as well as see clips of a photo shoot  in action.

Back in January, I featured Michael Nappi as an artist of the week. At times, his relaxed vocals resemble Train frontman Pat Monahan. His newest video is a moving tale of the unraveling of a relationship and the impact that just one day can have. Take a listen to "7:26" below.

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