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Monday, April 5, 2010

Band of the Week: Hot Chelle Rae

With energetic, danceable tracks Nashville-based Hot Chelle Rae are bound to convince even the most shy wallflower to make their way to the dance floor. Combining pop rock and radio friendly choruses, their debut release Lovesick Electric grabs the listener's attention on the first track.

Forming in 2005, Hot Chelle Rae's name was inspired by one of the group’s most devoted female fans. Having toured with Third Eye Blind, The Rocket Summer, Sherwood, Black Gold and Reece, the band has been perfecting their stage show. With a catchy sound that is reminiscent to fellow pop rockers Boys Like Girls and killer guitar riffs it is hard to believe this is their debut release.

Tracks like "I Like to Dance" (listen here) and "Never Have I Ever" have an unfaltering energy while beautiful ballad "Bleed" show the band can switch things up and be more serious. A love song that holds striking resemblance to Boys Like Girls' "Two Is Better Than One," all Hot Chelle Rae need is their Taylor Swift duet. "I bleed my heart out on this paper for you/So you can see what I can't say/I'm dying here/'Cause I can't say what I want to/I bleed my heart out just for you," frontman Ryan Keith Follese sings with soaring musical accompaniment.

Watch Hot Chelle Rae's latest music video for "Bleed" below.

Recommended: For fans of Boys Like Girls, Metro Station, Fall Out Boy, The Killers.

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