You Sing, I Write: PT Walkley Offers Versatility on Three-Song EP

Thursday, April 8, 2010

PT Walkley Offers Versatility on Three-Song EP

PT Walkley is an artist who needs to be witnessed live. The first time I caught him in concert, I covered the show for Filter and was truly in awe. It was his record release and he had nearly a full orchestra of musicians and backup singers perfecting each song on his album from start to finish.

Having opened for Coldplay at Madison Square Garden, performed at All Points West and had his music featured in several commercials and films, Walkley has proven his staying power as a songwriter and performer. His latest three song EP (which he handed out to all in attendance at a recent show at Joe's Pub) will be showcased in Ed Burns' upcoming movie, "Nice Guy Johnny." The film premiers April 23rd at Tribeca Film Festival.

A slight departure from his previous release, Mr. Macy Wakes Alone, the three songs provide a much more upbeat rock sound. "What's What" kicks off the release with gritty guitar and seductive vocals. With additional piano and percussion accompaniment and Walkley's catchy "woah-oh-oh's" the listener is captivated right away.

"Something Else" switches gears and is more of a tongue-in-cheek love ballad. With quirky lyrics demonstrating the roller coaster tale of a relationship, Walkley intrigues. "Oh how we used to fight/We'd shout out loud 'til the laryngitis came in/You weren't my type/I didn't float your boat/I was broke and you were broken," Walkley sings at the start of the song. However, by the stories end, the character seems to have changed his tune. "Love is alive and well/Something else, something more/So much better than it was before," he concludes. With fast-paced percussion and Walkley's energetic vocals it's impossible to not tap your foot along by the song's close.

Last track on the EP, "The Radio," featuring The Blue Jackets is a much edgier rock sound than previously heard from Walkley. A track questioning the impact of radio and tastemakers, the song's aggression impresses. It perhaps is fitting then, that he name drops well known songs and musicians like Billy Joel and "Billie Jean" within the same line. "If you ain't Billie Jean or Billy Joel you're gonna come and go/On the radio, radio, radio," he sings. In the end, the song begs the question: Who is to say what belongs on the radio?

For more on PT Walkley, visit his Web site. You can listen to "What's What," "Something Else," and "The Radio" on MySpace.

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