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Monday, June 14, 2010

Band of the Week: Hypernova

Iranian rock band Hypernova have risked their lives to play music. In Iran, simply holding a rock show could mean arrest, large fines or even a public flogging. Hard to believe? The fact that Hypernova have put their lives in danger by playing secret gigs in Iran gives you an adequate indication of their passion for music. It also makes me wonder just how many American bands would do the same.

"The underground scene in Iran is pretty intense," explains frontman Raam. "There are many amazing musicians driven by a burning passion who are literally putting their lives on the line for their music, just like we did. There's nothing more beautiful than raw and sincere music."

The band made their way to the U.S. in 2007 and released their debut album, Through the Chaos this past April. Rock & roll at their core, Hypernova blends gritty guitar and percussion, Raam's deep vocals and moving lyrics for a truly unique experience. While they have been compared to New Order, Interpol and Franz Ferdinand, the quartet is well on their way to making a name for themselves in the West.

Many tracks off their album sound autobiographical. On "American Dream," Raam sings, "I know that I'll never go back home/To the life I had, the life that I had known ... All I wanted was the rock & roll/All I wanted was to see the world." While rock is at their core, tracks like "Universal" and "Viva La Resistance" have an underlying catchy dance vibe. 

A song about living in the moment and not knowing which day could be your last, Hypernova prove their point on "Viva La Resistance." "The boys, they are shouting and the girls, they are dancing/'Cause it ain't no fucking crime ... So dance like you've never danced/Scream like you've never screamed/'Cause this one might be your last," Raam sings with powerful guitar and drums behind him.

First single "Fairy Tales" has garnered much buzz and was recently nominated for mtv U's "The Freshmen." With Raam's baritone vocals and the band's equally gritty beats, the raw emotion is evident. Hypernova kick off their summer tour tomorrow at Bowery Ballroom in NYC with Kashmir. Be sure to visit  MySpace to hear their music and watch their video for "Fairy Tales" below. You can read more about the band from a recent interview with NPR here.

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