You Sing, I Write: Band of the Week: Jeremy Ezell and The Well Reds

Monday, March 9, 2009

Band of the Week: Jeremy Ezell and The Well Reds

I received a message via Jeremy Ezell on Twitter with a link to his band's MySpace page so I gave them a listen and liked what I heard. "Tragedy" came on first. With an eerie guitar intro leading up to Ezell's slow singing, I was intrigued and had to keep listening. The suspense grew well into the first minute and a half of the song with assistance provided by light percussion before the chorus entered and the music climaxed to a crescendo. Impressive.

Ezell's voice is familiar. His yearning is transferable to the listener, whether it's his aching in "Feeling Love" or frustration throughout "Tragedy." Jeremy Ezell and The Well Reds possess catchy choruses and infectious melodies, keeping the listener begging for more.

Ballad "Feeling Love" is relatable to many. Beginning with soft piano, Ezell sings, "Dreams don't turn out quite the way I want them to/Thoughts of you keep running through my mind/You're here tonight, you're here most of the time/Am I feeling, feeling love?/And is this feeling really love?/Am I feeling love tonight/Or am I just falling again?" The listener can feel the heartache and longing in his voice and accompanying music.

While "Forever Is A Breath" has that stadium friendly feel, "Believe In What You've Never Known" is a straight up rock song with soaring guitar textures and emotion-filled lyrics.

For Jeremy Ezell and The Well Reds, a relatively new band based in Atlanta, Georgia, one thing is certain, after a listen you're bound to have many of the lyrics stuck in your head and that's the mere hope of every band today.

Be sure to visit Jeremy Ezell and The Well Reds on MySpace and catch a show if you're in town.

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