You Sing, I Write: Demo Review: Jamie Allen

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Demo Review: Jamie Allen

After one listen to Jamie Allen’s demo, never in a million years would I have imagined it was written and arranged by a 13-year-old. With a voice that brings comparison to Carrie Underwood and talent that makes any 20-something musician jealous, the three-song demo CD, a mix of country and pop, is an impressive release that is just a glimpse into Allen’s bright future.

The Denver, Colorado native began taking singing lessons at the age of 10. Nearly a year later she performed a two-hour set at a local coffee house, her dad accompanying on guitar. Lucky for Allen, a radio disc jockey was getting a cup of coffee during her performance and enjoyed what he heard, asking Allen to appear as a co-host on his Internet radio show. One thing led to another and soon after Allen was in Phoenix, Arizona recording this demo release.

The three-song disc has welcoming versatility, truly a testament to Allen’s talent. Beginning with moving “Kisses from Angels,” Allen’s voice is soft, yet infectious. With a strong country vibe, she tells an aching story within her lyrics, begging the listener to pay close attention. As Allen belts out “I never was a young girl,” you can’t help but to believe her.

Second track, “Its a Girls Night” changes quickly from the more serious nature of previous song, “Kisses from Angels.” A bit edgier with a fun and danceable vibe, Allen’s honest lyrics are age appropriate as she never tries to be someone she isn’t.

Definitely a slumber party anthem, Allen describes a typical girls night that includes listening to Lil Wayne and, of course, calling boys. She begins the track singing, “Hair and makeup, popcorn and scary movies, scary movies/Drank pop sodas, my stomach don’t feel so good, not so good/Nobody has to cry, no boys can bring us down/Its a girls night/Stay up late calling boys/Its a girls night/Pillow fights making so much noise/ ’Cause its a girls night.” Simple and fun, if only life was like this everyday.

Last track, “Sugar, Please!” has a funky beat with fitting background vocals. Singing, “It’s my time/Not your time/I’ll be just fine without you” Allen gets her point across to a boy who just won’t leave her alone. At times reminiscent to an edgy Christina Aguilera, “Sugar, Please!” showcases Allen’s more soulful side, still with a hint of country-pop intertwined within the track.

Allen’s talent is evident on her release. One of the best demos I have ever heard, not to mention by a musician at such a young age, it won’t be long until Jamie Allen is a household name.

To listen to Jamie's demo visit her on MySpace. What do you think?


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Anonymous said...

I have heard her CD and she is great.

Anonymous said...

I especially like "Cause It's a Girl's Night". She has a nice voice and should go far.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, Way to go keep it going I new you had it you need to be on the show soon e mail me . Roller

Anonymous said...

I think this young lady is fantastic!!! hHer potential is endless! Shine Jamie! Love, your cuz ;)xo


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