You Sing, I Write: CompassionArt Releases Album to Charity

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CompassionArt Releases Album to Charity

Just over a year ago I interviewed Martin Smith of UK band Delirious? about his most recent project, CompassionArt. The idea was in it's infancy, as musician friends of his were meeting in the upcoming weeks to write songs which would eventually become the album, CompassionArt, where all the proceeds are donated to charity. While this isn't the first time musicians have decided to donate a song to charity, it is a first for an album to take this route.

The versatile 15-track album features 19 artists from various musical genres, all united for one goal: creating freedom from poverty. CompassionArt will support four main charitable projects and 12 individual songwriter projects. In addition, a 50-minute DVD documentary is available upon purchase of the album. For more on the project, visit the Web site here.

I have received the album for review, but after reading fellow writer Bert's review, I really could not have written anything better myself. Read Bert's write-up here.

For more on this great cause, be sure to visit CompassionArt's Web site or read my interview with Martin Smith here. What do you think? Do you hope more musicians follow this cause? I sure do.

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