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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You Sing, I Write Layout Revamp

Last night when I logged into my Blogger account I noticed a layout upgrade that I figured I should do since the blog hasn't changed too much over the past year. Unfortunately, while reformatting I lost most of my html and template design so I've been fixing it up little by little today.

The sidebar was the portion that needed the most work and thankfully I was able to post all the interviews and blog links that were previously displayed. I also added a poll to the sidebar (right after the interviews) that I'd love you to participate in, and even give me ideas for. The first poll question for this week is "Who was your favorite boy band?" Definitely a topic of much debate! (Backstreet Boys are mine in case you're wondering.) I love reading your comments and I really want this blog to be more interactive, so vote in the poll and leave me suggestions on what types of questions you'd like to see in the future.

As my readers, I really value what you favor on the blog so speak up! I've been talking with a bunch of friends about some tweaks I plan on making here and there, but I'd love to know your suggestions as well. Is there way too much text on the sidebar? Do you care about the Twitter updates, or should I just delete that? Send me your feedback so I make sure you keep coming back to You Sing, I Write!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Interview Lights! She plays the keytar and makes sweet songs.

I'd really like to read one of your concert reviews on her too. If you enjoy live shows as much as I do then you'll have a blast!


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